Park Regulations 

General Guidelines
●  The Preserve opens at sunrise and closes at sunset
●  Interacting with wildlife or farm animals is not permitted
●  Smoking and alcohol are not permitted
●  Visitors should remain on the trails at all times
●  No ball playing, picnicking, or sledding (except in Rockwood Hall area)
●  No bicycling except in designated areas
●  Schools must register before visiting

●  Running abreast (3 or more) or in packs is not permitted
●  Request permission to walk, single file, past equestrians and carriages
●  Go around stopped horses; do not run through
●  Alert hikers and walkers prior to passing (pass on the right, if possible)
●  Be aware of and courteous to the elderly and families with small children (pass on the right)
●  Groups should run 2 abreast and 20 feet apart
●  Groups of 5+ runners are not permitted on:
     Brothers Path to the Old Railroad
     Brook Trail to David’s Loop
     Peaceful Path to Equestrian Access Trail
     Deer Run to Overlook Trail

●  Annual permits must be displayed at all times
●  Helmets are required for riders under 12 years old
●  Horses must be fully bridled/no ponying
●  Galloping is not permitted
●  Walk only on Brothers Path/Swan Lake
●  Pass others in single file at a walk
●  Yield to working vehicles
●  Courtyard area is off-limits

●  Be aware of surrounding environment before casting
●  A current NYS Fishing License and orange Rockefeller State Park Preserve permit tag are
    required and must be displayed
●  All NYS fishing and Rockefeller State Park Preserve rules apply
●  Trout season begins April 1st on the Pocantico River 
●  Bass fishing begins the 3rd Saturday in June on Swan Lake
●  Anglers are required to clean up before leaving

●  Dogs must be leashed at all times
●  Refuse in the courtyard and parking lot must be removed
●  Refuse on trails must be pushed to the side of trail
●  Dog refuse center is on Swan Lake Access trail; bagged refuse may be left there
●  Do not leave bagged refuse on trails or in the bathrooms

Rockwood Hall Area
The following activities are permitted:
●  Ball playing
●  Kite flying
●  Picnicking
●  Frisbees
●  Sledding and snowboarding in designated area only

The following activities are not permitted:
●  Smoking
●  Fires of any sort
●  Alcohol
●  Camping

Upcoming Events