Here to Enjoy…
Ours to Preserve


All of us who love and appreciate the Preserve need to come together as a community to preserve this unique gift and natural treasure. The most important thing you can do is become a Member of the Friends. Membership means you are taking an active role in continuing the vision—an inviting, healing, breathtaking, natural environment with access for all.

Why do we need your support?

  • The Preserve is a state park and New York state faces unprecedented financial challenges
  • Drastic cuts to state funding, combined with more frequent destructive weather events,
    make it exceedingly difficult to keep up with critical maintenance
  • In 2012, state funds provided less than one third of needed funds
  • The future of the Preserve, particularly its carriage roads, is in jeopardy if financial needs
    remain unmet
  • Basic maintenance of the Preserve and carriage roads = $300,000/year
    New York State funding of the Preserve = $135,000/year
    Shortfall = $165,000+/year
  • This amount does not include capital projects for restoration
    Current estimate = $5,000,000

Become a Member of the Friends today!

Download and mail the Friends Membership Form.

Donate Now

In addition to becoming a Member, you can also support the Preserve by:

  • Making a donation (stock and in-kind donations are also appreciated)
  • Sponsoring a section of your favorite carriage road
  • Volunteering for special fundraising events or Preserve improvement projects
  • Sharing your talents for one of our educational programs or financially supporting them


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