The Friends recently funded a Winter Color garden project at the Preserve.  Keith Austin, head gardener at the Preserve, developed a three part plan to bring color to the area around the Visitor Center.  While color abounds in the Spring and Summer, the winter months can be drab and the goal, to enliven the area, was a success.  The plan focused on using materials which complement the existing plantings, are deer and drought resistant, non-invasive and low maintenance.  Work began in early October and was completed quickly – it was all hands on deck by the Preserve gardeners, staff and volunteers!

Phase 1 included:

  • Transplanting 10 Viburnum to a more favorable location and backfilling that space with Andromeda
  • Planting Ilex Opaca on the hillside
  • Transplanting the lowbush blueberries to a more favorable location and backfilling the area with year round color (Liriope and red twigged dogwood)
  • Cleaning up and improving the landscaping outside the Park Manager’s office window