I Love My Park Day is an exciting statewide event, organized by Parks & Trails New York (PTNY) in partnership with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) and local Friends groups, to celebrate and enhance New York’s parks and historic sites and bring visibility to the entire park system and its needs. This annual event is a volunteer opportunity for people of all ages to give back to our beloved Preserve. This spring, join Rockefeller State Park Preserve (RSPP) staff and the Friends of Rockefeller State Park Preserve to build up our Preserve and our community! You can participate in revamping our outdoor classroom on Nature’s Way Trail, protecting native plant and animal habitats, or rehabilitating our beautiful forests and fields! We’ll be having lots of fun building benches, managing invasive species, and planting native trees! You don’t need any experience for any of the mini-events below.

Date: May 4, 2019, 10am-1pm

Register Online! If you would like to work on a specific project (1, 2 or 3 - see below) let us know if the Questions? section on page 2 of the registration form.

Project 1 - Bench Builders: Right off of Nature’s Way Trail near the parking lot is an old, deteriorated outdoor classroom located at what is believed to be the county’s largest glacial erratic, dating back at least 600 million years. Our new Park Manager Peter Iskenderian, and Maintenance Supervisor Tim Howell, will be leading you in a bench building project to restore this once treasured area of the Park. By the end of the day, we hope to transform a rusted, out-of-use outdoor classroom into a brand-new, inviting place for both children and adults to immerse themselves in nature and learn about its wonders. Meet in the Visitor Center Courtyard at 10AM.

Project 2 - Free the Fields! Fences make invasive species unconquerable. Join our team to tear down rotting split rails along our newly acquired land off of Bedford Rd. Rehabilitating this area is high priority because of its ecological promise. Due to previous years’ rehab efforts, 2018 was the first year in decades the native bird, bobolinks, was found nesting in the Bedford Rd grasslands. With your help, we’ll be able to streamline mowing and grazing practices to help reduce the presence of invasives and increase biodiversity for bobolinks and other native wildlife and plantlife. Park along Bedford Rd/Rt 448 near Stone Barns. Look for the orange cones, they will designate the parking area. Meet at 10AM.

Project 3 - Happy Habitats: Restore native habitat along Peaceful Path, a hotspot for beautiful wildflowers including violets, trout lilies, and May apple. We’ll be removing invasive shrubs and finishing off the day with a native tree planting to encourage canopy cover restoration and wildflower habitat restoration! Natural Resource Specialist Rebecca Policello will lead this mini-event. Like each mini-event, it is open to all age levels, but be aware that the invasive plants designated for removal are thorny! Meet in the Visitor Center Courtyard at 10AM.

Make sure to dress appropriately for the day. If you have your own work gloves, please bring them as we have a limited supply. Light colored long pants and sleeves are recommended to protect you from pesky thorns and help reduce your exposure to ticks. Please bring a water bottle. Light snacks will be provided at each station.

Please contact us with any questions - friends@friendsrock.org